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Insurance & Billing


All of your charges (both the professional and the technical portion) for your radiation therapy will be billed by Meridian Park Radiation Oncology Center, Inc. at the end of your course of treatments.  The charges for services are based on the complexity and duration of services.   The therapy center is a freestanding clinic and for insurance purposes is considered a Doctor’s office. You will receive a statement every 45 days.  If you undergo any diagnostic studies, such as CT or MRI scan at the hospital as part of treatment planning, you will also receive a bill from the hospital.

Service Date: 
There are a number of services that do not require the presence of the patient.  You may notice billing dates on your invoice that you know you were not in the department.  Typically, computer planning, dose calculations and physics checks do not require the patient to be in the department.  Due to insurance regulations we must bill these services the date they are rendered.  Additional co-payments may be applied to these services.

Meridian Park Radiation Oncology Center, Inc. accepts most major insurance policies.  Medicare, Medicaid and private payment.  Visa & MasterCard are accepted as well. We will file all insurance claims (primary & secondary), releasing protected health information, provided we have the complete and accurate information, including your signature on file.  Remember insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company and is not a substitute for payment.  We cannot be responsible for collecting from your insurance or negotiating a settlement on a disputed claim; however, we would be happy to help you with problems or questions.

For your initial visit, a consultation charge will be billed.  If you have a co-payment for office visits, a co-payment would apply.  Please pay your co-payment at the time of this visit.  For your radiation therapy, all additional charges will be billed under radiation therapy codes.  Some patients have co-payments per date of treatment.  Please contact your insurance to verify if you have any questions regarding co-payments.  These additional co-payments will be billed to you after your insurance company processes the claim.

If you’re insurance plan requires you to see a physician who is participating in your specific plan, YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER TO VERIFY THAT OUR PHYSICIAN IS IN YOUR NETWORK.  Some examples of these plans may have the following listed on your insurance card:  PCP, POS, PPO, Network, Specialty Network, and Primary Care.  GOING OUTSIDE YOUR NETWORK MAY CAUSE YOU TO TAKE ON LARGE FINANCIAL RISKS.

Some plans require referrals.  If you are assigned a primary care clinic you will need a referral for your treatments.  Notify your primary care physician that you will be receiving radiation therapy treatments. 

Due to HIPAA guidelines for electronic submission of all charges, we work with a billing company to process our charges electronically and post payment to your account.  All demographic information and charges are input into the computer system from our office.

You will receive your statement from our national billing service "Med3000"located in Florida with a toll free number
1-877-558-8549 for questions regarding your bill.  It is important for you to know that all your personal information is confidential and that Med3000 has signed appropriate confidentiality agreements as required by law.   They cannot sell or forward your personal information to anyone.  

Our local Clinic office is the only place where charges can be entered.  If you have questions regarding insurance contracting issues, financial aid, payment plan or referrals or if you have any questions or feedback regarding our billing services you can contact our local clinic office